Say No To Slamming Toilet Seats

June 2016 Product


Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night because someone on the houseboat accidentally slammed the toilet seat? If not, great! If so, you know how startling it can be—even when it doesn’t happen in the dead of night. Either way, Raritan recently came up with a solution called the Slow Close Seat and Lid. Now all white marine and household size toilets from Raritan Engineering come standard with this unique feature so there aren’t any more hard, noisy closures.

The Slow Close Seat and Lid gently lowers to the bowl and makes whisper-quiet final contact—the perfect finishing touch to a well-appointed marine head. Designed for marine use, a special stopper also locks the seat in place when someone is sitting to eliminate sideways motion often encountered on a houseboat while also protecting the hinges. This new seat and lid is made from HDF (high density fiberboard) and is quality finished in shining white and built with stainless steel corrosion-resistant fasteners.

While new white Raritan marine and household size toilets now come standard with a Slow Close Seat and Lid, it's also available separately for upgrading older units, fitting Raratin’s manual and electric toilets with standard style bowls as well as other brands with similarly-sized seats. The household size retails for $55.

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