Going Wireless!

July 2016 Product

FELL Marine is making great strides with the MOB+, a wireless cut-off switch full of safety features that will make replacing the old cord-based system easy.

Designed to be comfortably worn as a wristband, clipped to your lifejacket, tucked in your pocket, or hung around your neck on a lanyard, the MOB+ will immediately stop the boat if you fall overboard thanks to state-of-the-art electronics, UniqueID technology, and proprietary WiMEA Protocol. This product won’t interfere with existing systems on your boat and can be universally installed in all boats with all engine configurations with simple plug-and-play connections.

With this kind of technology in an easy-to-use product, FELL Marine hopes to cut down on the over 4000 boating accidents that involved more than 600 deaths each year in the US due to operator inattention, improper lookouts and operator inexperience, according to USCG 2014 Recreational Boating Statistics.

CEO of FELL Marine Christian Frost says the MOB+ is “an intelligent man overboard system with wearable accessories for every occasion…Perfect for an active lifestyle with no obstacles limiting your freedom.”

The suggested retail price for the MOB+ (which stands for man overboard) is $179. Check out more photos and videos of the MOB+ here.

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