Keeping An Eye Behind

July 2016 Product

If your family loves hitting the water towables or wakeboards when you head out to the lake, you might be interested in checking out PTM Edge’s mirrors for better keeping an eye on anyone behind your boat. After all, when getting your fill of watersports during a houseboat vacation, it’s important to remember that every state requires either a panoramic mirror be installed or an appointed person onboard to observe any waterborne people, and almost half of the states require you to have both.

That’s where PTM Edge’s new mirror system, the UCX-17 PRO, comes in. This is a universal-mount system that you can affix pretty much anywhere on your helm—all you need is 2 1/2 inches of flat space to attach the mirror and less than 30 minutes to do it. The prescription-grade mirror sports a viewing angle of 100 degrees and runs 17 inches wide, so you don’t even have to mount it horizontally.

PTM Edge has been designing boating products for years, including wakeboard racks and ski/wake towers, and has won numerous awards, including the IBEX Innovation award, so you know this is a quality product. 

Jeff Bohanan, President of PTM Edge and its parent company, Protomet, stated, “The UCX-17 PRO is unique, and it's a direct response to trends we are seeing in the boating industry." 

For more information, feel free to call 865-425-0600 or visit

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