Blades Of Yore

August 2016 Product Web Exclusive

Heddon’s Sonar lure first hit the market in the late 1950s as the first blade bait to find its way onto tackle store shelves. Since then, Zounders, Zonars, Zips, Silver Buddies, Gay Blades, Katydids, Cicadas, Rippletails, Bladerunnners, Krazy Blades and Vib“E”s have earned a following among fishermen who appreciate what a blade bait can do for cool water fishing success.

Heddon’s Sonar, having kicked off the revolution, is still a popular lure today. Distinctive linetie holes let you adjust the Sonar’s action to whatever fishing situation you’re facing, all with that successful vibrating movement that draws freshwater fish to bite. Check out more about the Sonar and other Heddon lures at

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