From Restaurant To Houseboat

September 2016 News Web Exclusive

When given the choice between cooking on the houseboat or cooking at home, which would you choose? According to the Tampa Bay Times, Florida chef Suzy Johnson was ready to take on the challenge when she sold her restaurant to work instead from a 36-foot houseboat.

Johnson isn’t a total stranger to the unique challenges of cooking on a houseboat, however, since she worked as a cook for a crew that was delivering a sailboat from the Bahamas to England.

When asked why she chose to move to a houseboat, Johnson told the Tampa Bay Times, “I wanted a simple lifestyle on the water, but not a house with upkeep and a yard to mow. I've lived and worked on sailboats but the galleys are small. This houseboat came along with a large galley and it was a perfect fit for me.”

To read her full interview including more details about the challenges of working from a houseboat, click here.

Photo credited to the Tampa Bay Times

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