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November 2016 Product

Sirius Integrator has introduced its first Indiegogo Campaign for the new SiriusM3 Monitor. The SiriusM3 Monitor System monitors DC Voltage of 12v and 24v battery systems, temperature and humidity parameters then 'alerts your cell phone' if any values fall out of range. The SiriusM3 comes with the software for setup, operation and graphing of these parameters over your deployment timeline. There is no other product that can proactively warn you that your battery system is getting unhealthy or the temperature or humidity levels are breaking out of your acceptable levels set by you. For your houseboat, you could use this product for a wide variety of functions in making sure everything on the boat is in top-notch condition.

When away from your houseboat, you could monitor your battery system and bilge pump to ensure they're in good health, monitor grid power usage to prevent freezing pipes, or monitor your wine cellar or freezer to ensure you do not lose valuables due to lost power. These are just a few examples of the many battery systems that need to be healthy and proactively monitored. The SiriusM3 Monitor uniquely provides this functionality at a low affordable price unlike any available on the market. The Indiegogo Campaign will help us gage interest in the system, finance our first production run, and establish global resellers. Sirius Integrator designed this system and has the exclusive for this model.

The product can be purchased at:

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