Do You Have A Blue Mind?

January 2017 Product Web Exclusive


Being a houseboater, you probably know something of the strange attraction water can have on a person. There’s just something special and fundamentally relaxing about it. If you ever wondered why, you’ll want to check out BLUE MIND by marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols.

This book explores the interesting phenomenon of how water affects our health and well-being in incredibly beneficial ways. Nichols weaves together neuroscience and personal stories shared by everyone from military veterans to professional athletes as he explores just why water can affect us like this. Why is it that being near this substance can decrease stress, dial up performance, and even encourage professional success? You can find out what the “Keeper of the Sea” (GQ Magazine) and “visionary” (Outside Magazine) has to say about it. You can buy BLUE MIND new for just $10.89 at

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