"Pirates" Hit Houseboats At Shasta Lake

January 2017 News Web Exclusive

Sure, it’s entertaining to watch Johnny Depp swagger across the big screen in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, but when it comes to real-life pirates, the occupation isn’t nearly so charming.

According to Record Searchlight, houseboaters at Bridge Bay Marina on Shasta Lake, Calif., were hit by a string of break-ins by suspected “pirates” this January. Shasta County Sheriff’s deputy Ray Hughes reported that he thinks there were even more thefts that have yet to be discovered by owners who are away from their boats. Those that have been discovered so far were in part prompted by a series of snow storms that encouraged houseboaters to check on their vessels.

Darlene Woodford, who estimates a loss of $2,000 due to the thefts, told Record Searchlight, “They went through the whole boat.” Among the things taken was her expensive generator.

Part of the danger of winterization—apart from the weather itself—is the risk of burglaries the longer you stay away from your vessel. If your situation permits it, try to check on your houseboat frequently and be aware of what valuables are onboard. Because while we may cheer on Captain Jack Sparrow as he gallivants around with those sticky fingers, nobody likes a pirate in real life.  

File photo credited to Record Searchlight 

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