Too Much Humidity Is No One’s Friend- But This Is

March 2017 Product

Guardian Technologies announced the launch of its PureGuardian DH201CA Small Space Dehumidifier, a new product geared to remove moisture and mustiness from small spaces onboard. As humidity can aide the growth of airborne allergens and play havoc on anyone suffering from allergies, the Small Space Dehumidifier also enhances comfort. Its tank collects up to 360 ml of water each day at 80% humidity; you never have to worry about messy overflows because an indicator lights up and the unit automatically shuts off before accidents happen. Thanks to its efficient design, this dehumidifier also runs quietly and uses the best of Peltier (thermo-electric technology) so you don’t need a heavy compressor. Thanks to Silver Clean treatment, you don’t even need to install filters or perform any maintenance to keep mold from the surface of the water tank. The PureGuardian Small Space Dehumidifier comes with a one-year warranty and has a suggested retail price of $79.99; you can check out more at

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