Meet This 8-Year-Old Golf Champion Houseboater

June 2017 News

Natalie and Matthew Meilleur own and operate Village Quay Marina in Lansdowne, Ontario, Canada. Thanks to this Destination Yachts position, their eight-year-old daughter Carlee has had the joy of living on a houseboat her entire life.

“Houseboats aren’t for everybody, but the houseboat suits our lifestyle to a T,” Matthew shares with Golf Channel.

“It was a really great family decision to raise her in this environment,” adds Natalie. “It’s pretty carefree. She steps off the boat and she fishes and she can just live life like a carefree child and enjoy what nature has to offer.”

She may have lived on the houseboat her whole life, but it wasn’t until about three years ago that Carlee discovered a new passion. When the Meilleurs started taking golf lessons, Carlee decided to sign up, too. It didn’t take long for her obvious natural talent to shine through. By this past September, the young Drive, Chip and Putt competitor had won her division at the Country Club in Brookline, Mass.

“She’s the one that encourages us, she’s the one that asks to go play golf, and that’s what’s really really fun,” Matthew shares.

“It’s a fun sport. We’re seeing if we can get a driving mat on the top of the houseboat so in the summer I can just drive balls off of the top,” Carlee smiles.

Eco-friendly golf balls, of course. Don’t miss out on Golf Channel’s full video below!

Photos credited to Golf Channel

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