Whip Up A Seven-Minute Slushy

June 2017 Product

Summertime brings on cravings for something sweet and cold like nobody’s business. If your freezer doesn’t have much spare room for treats like ice cream and you’re looking for another way to enjoy something cold on a whim, even when you’re holed up in a cove miles from the dock store, here’s the good news—the Koji Slushy Maker has got your back. (Or rather, your belly.)

With this easy slushy maker, you can whip up your own slushies, smoothies, and milkshakes in just minutes—seven minutes, to be precise. You don’t even have to use a power source to do it. The Koji Slushy Maker comes with a BPA- and phthalate-free inner core, outer sleeve, and specially designed slushy spoon, ready to transform everything from juice to milk, blended fruit, soda, sweetened coffee, and more into the perfect cold drink. Simply pour in your liquid of choice and stir.

The only stipulation is you can’t use artificially sweetened drinks without natural sugar. You can pick up the Koji Slushy Maker for $14.99 at Target

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