Time To Go!

July 2017 Product Web Exclusive

Through the years, more and more houseboaters have discovered the joy of bringing their pets with them out onto the water. And while it makes for a good time and the sense of satisfaction that your whole family is together for vacation, it’s not without its set of challenges. For one—how do you tweak their potty training to a boat environment?

Everyone has their personal style. Some use portable bathroom mats, while others run their dogs to shore to relieve themselves. But if you’re human, you tend to forget, and forgetting to check in with your pooch will often lead to a puddle on the floor.

If you’re pulling your hair out, here’s a solution—the Barking Mat Dog Housebreaking Tool. This clever mat is best placed by the front door and connects to an app on your smartphone, so whenever your dog stands on it, your device gets an instant notification or you get an audible alert, your pick. Whether you go with the bark, chime, or words of praise alert, the idea is for your pooch to catch on to the routine so you’ll both always know when she’s got to go. Retailing for $70, you can pre-order the Barking Mat at TheGadgetFlow.com.

Photos credited to TheGadgetFlow.com

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