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July 2017 Product

Nobody likes getting a lobster red sunburn—or any other shade variation, for that matter. And as much as it’s helpful to have a friend or family member tell you if you missed rubbing in some sun lotion on your shoulder or cheek, the human eye can’t pick up where it wasn’t applied and when that sunscreen wears off, letting a sunburn begin to take over.

Enter the Sunscreenr. This technologically advanced little gadget is able to sense UV light and show you where any unprotected skin is throughout your day on the water. When you look through its special filtered lens, any part of a person covered by sunscreen will appear darker, while unprotected skin appears light. Along with the viewfinder, the Sunscreenr comes with a record/playback option for recording up to 30 seconds, charging micro USB port, expansion port, and tripod/selfie stick mount. This product is waterproof, weighs a light 3 ounces, and is small enough to tuck in a pocket at just over 3 inches long. The design is also carefully sealed against dirt or sand and can work all weekend with just one battery charge.

With a reported million cases of skin cancer each year in the US and most people only applying a quarter to a half of the sunscreen they should, the Sunscreenr reminds us that in order to really enjoy our days on the water, we should keep an eye on our skin.

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