Keep Calm and Skorkl On

August 2017 Product

Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to breathe unerwater so you can spend more time exploring? Well, the Skorkl Underwater Breathing Device can show you the underworld. Wait, no. It can show you the underwater world. Well, it can help you show yourself the underwater world.

The Skorkl is a lightweight, portable snorkel-like breathing pump that gives you ten minutes of breathing time underwater. It’s held to the same standard as SCUBA equipment, so you know it’s reliable. And better yet, it’s simple to use: you put the mouth piece in your mouth (easy enough?) and hold on to the device with your hand. The pressure gauge on the side lets you know how much time you have left underwater so you don’t have to guess (thankfully) and it’s super reusable, because you can keep refilling it. Take your underwater camera out under the waves and see what you can find with your new, increased breathing capabilities. 

It also comes with those super attractive flippers pictured. I know, now you have to get them.  

For more information, and to see more pictures and videos of this handy thing, visit:

Photo from Gadget Flow

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