Three Guidelines for Used Houseboat Owners

November 2017 News

Purchasing a used houseboat can be a very exciting experience. Typically, people who purchase this expensive toy want to call their friends and loved ones over to demonstrate what they have bought. If you don't take the time to heed a few simple chores that must be performed in boating, you will unfortunately pay the price.

It's best to try and contain your excitement until you have at least taken care of the paper work. What kind, you might ask? Primarily the following three:

There is of course, the matter of registration and title. Number two, you should immediately take care of any outstanding taxes. Many accidents involve brand new boats, some before they have even been used. If you haven't taken the proper steps with paperwork, your brand new dream can turn into a nightmare. It is a mistake to invite your friends over immediately following the paperwork being completed, too. The stage where you can actually be good enough to impress your friends will take time, so you'll have to take your time and practice heavily on your new boat.

One thing to keep in mind is that water safety should be at the height of your priority, so if this is your first boat, consider taking a small safety course. Though you might have spent time on other vessels in the past, each new one will be unique and different from all the others. Wherever possible, your first trip should be with an expert who can talk you through the basics. You're in for several very expensive mistakes if you do not practice your docking and turning maneuvers. Do you feel comfortable in moving your boat around? If you can't say yes confidentially, then you shouldn't take any passengers out onto the water yet.

While you could invite some friends to join you, there is an additional factor you need to consider. If you've spent lots of money on your new boat, now you need to make sure your investment is properly looked after and protected. You may already know where it will be stored when not in use, but have you thought about how? Without proper protection from the elements your boat will quickly decay. Don't be put off by the money you have to spend on maintenance, as the preventative measures will save you time and money over trying to fix damage once it's been done.

You definitely need to buy the right type of cover for the used houseboats, and attach it in a good, secure fashion. Just because it is used does not mean you should not treat it like it was new. It is essential that you purchase a type of boat cover that is tailor-made for your boat. Always be careful to pick that right kind of fabric, as well. Though boating can be hard work, if you put the right kind of effort forward, it can result in many fun days of excitement. 

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