Houseboat Rescued from Sandy Hook Bay

January 2018 News Web Exclusive

Danny Davis and his three dogs were left homeless when their 33-foot houseboat was carried away by ice, but thankfully they were able to get it back to safety.

Davis along with his friend retrieved the wayward vessel during a temporary thaw in the ice on Saturday. The houseboat is undamaged with only a few minor scratches. Other than that, it’s as good as new!

The boat was originally swept out to sea by the snowstorm on Jan. 4. The shifting sheets of ice carried it far away from its cove off Middletown’s Hartshorne Woods Park, leaving Davis and his three dogs without a home.

Luckily, Terry Monaco offered Davis and his dogs a place to stay and was even able to get him in contact with somebody who sold him a motorboat at a great discount.

With his friend Brian Jones’ help, they maneuvered the motorboat out to his houseboat and towed it back. The waters were rough with four-to-five foot swells, but the motorboat managed to get the vessel back to safety.

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