Award Winning Flotation Device

February 2018 News

Every houseboat needs and emergency flotation device, and ThrowRaft’s Search & Rescue Yellow TD 2401 was just awarded the 2018 Innovation Award at the Miami International Boat Show. Not only did it win this prestigious award, but the device is also the world’s first U.S. Coast Guard Approved inflatable, throwable personal flotation device designed specifically for First Responders. With all these stunning reviews, you can be sure it’s of the highest quality.

The Search & Rescue Yellow TD2401 design can be inflated manually with the pull tab or automatically by submerging it underwater. It’s easy to repack and recharge, and it also features SOLAS reflective tape to make you as visible as possible out in the water. Since it’s compact and light weight, the device can be thrown more than 40-feet in the packed position or fully inflated.

The TD2401 would be the perfect edition to any houseboat. Check out their website at

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