Smart Macerator Controls

January 2019 News Martin Flory Group

Macerator pumps, hidden from view, aren't thought of too often—until they stop working. Then, it becomes a messy, dirty job to repair or replace. Raritan Engineering's Smart Macerator Control monitors and maintains pump motors to prevent damage. It provides owners with peace of mind that a vital component will remain operational.

The Smart Macerator Control provides comprehensive protection. If the macerator pump doesn't prime in seven seconds or runs dry for five, it automatically shuts it down. Additionally, it continually monitors amperage; if there's more than a 20A draw, it turns it off.

The Smart Macerator Control is ideal for vessels that are left unused for lengths of time. If power is left on, the control jogs the macerator pump a few milliseconds every seven days to prevent impeller binding.

If the Smart Macerator Control does shut down a pump due to a priming issue or running dry, an LED light flashes at the main switch. If an amperage overload is detected, it remains illuminated. Resetting the control is as simple as turning the switch off and on.

At 6.25" L x 1.5" W, the Smart Macerator Control easily fits into tight, protected spaces. It works with Raritan 53100 and 53101 Macerator Pumps, and sells for $87.10.

Contact Raritan, 530 Orange St., Millville, NJ 08332.  856-825-4900; Fax: 856-825-4409.

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