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August 2019 News

Paper towels are as common to the outdoors as sunscreen. But they're either out of reach when needed or ruined after having rolled into something wet and dirty. With SeaSucker's Paper Towel Holder, a clean sheet is always at hand, whether in a cockpit or on the side of an RV. Made in the USA, it mounts temporarily—but with astounding strength—to most clean, non-porous surfaces without leaving a mark.

The secret behind SeaSucker's Paper Towel Holder is it's 4.5" Vacuum Mount. Positioned where it's desired, a few pumps to the integrated power button is all it takes to make it adhere. It holds an amazing 120 lbs.—more than any roll of paper towel. When it's time to stow, a tab breaks the seal.

Unlike traditional paper towel holders, SeaSucker's is adaptable to any situation. It can be used vertically, horizontally and even upside down. An elastic tension band prevents rolls from unraveling in the wind and makes it easy to tear off sheets with one hand.

SeaSucker's Paper Towel Holder is manufactured from UV-stabilized materials with stainless steel hardware. The durable Plexiglas tube holder is 13.5" W to fit a standard roll and extends out compactly at only 4.5". It costs $65.

Contact SeaSucker, LLC, 1912 44th Ave E., Bradenton, FL 34203.

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