Rent It Out

August 2019 News Boathouse Auctions

Whether moving into another boat or taking a break from ownership, the selling phase is the perfect time to list with Boatsetter. The income generated by renting the vessel can offset storage, maintenance and related expenses. It also exposes the boat to a broader range of potential buyers—even if they don't know it until they walk on board.

The wisdom of renting while trying to sell is sound. The boat gets run, ensuring the engine and mechanical systems are in prime condition. It also tends to be kept cleaner than many vessels that languish unused in their slips waiting for a buyer.

If the owner isn't available to take buyers out for sea trials, Boatsetter is again the ideal solution. It has a network of US Coast Guard-licensed captains that can be at the marina at the buyer's convenience, ensuring a sale isn't lost because of unfortunate timing.

In 2018, the average Boatsetter owner made over $4,600 in rental income. Those who aggressively marketed their vessels made even more. So, it's likely that once an income stream is started, it might not make economic sense to actually sell the boat, but instead keep it as a money-maker.

Boatsetter is the online marketplace that brings renters, owners and licensed captains together in over 600 locations. It forms strategic partnerships to grow boating participation and ownership.

Contact Boatsetter, 330 SW 2nd Street #111, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301.

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