Retrofit A Charles ISO BOOST or PM3 to Latest Technology

November 2019 News

Transformers and AC power management systems solve common dockside power issues like low voltage, surges, reversed polarity and unbalanced power supplies—reasons why once an owner is used to the benefits they bring, they become a necessity. While having served well, many Charles ISO BOOST and PM3 models are showing signs of their age. Savvy yacht owners aren't replacing them, however. They're retrofitting them to the latest technology at a fraction of the cost with Nauti-Tech Systems' innovative Nauti-Boost and Nauti-Combine kits.

Nauti-Boost is an automatic/manual shore power boost controller that's available for any 50A/15kVA or 100A/25kVA ISO BOOST, and virtually any other shore power transformer. As it monitors input voltage and amperage, it automatically adjusts to the correct voltage. Additionally, it protects against galvanic corrosion and dangerous stray voltage in the water. Nauti-Boost is easily controlled via the system remote or a Wi-Fi-enabled smart device. Unlike a new device, the housing and mounting is reused to ease installation.

Nauti-Combine safely merges the power between two isolation or boost transformers, balancing the load while it protects against problems. Upgrading a Charles PM3 is a matter of replacing select internal electronics, such as the microcontroller, and installing Nauti-Boost. Optional control of generators, including seamless transfer, is also available.

Both Nauti-Boost and Nauti-Combine are easily installed by a marine electrician. Nauti-Tech Systems matches with components to the individual vessel to optimize its power handling capabilities. Nauti-Boost starts at $1,595 and Nauti-Combine at $1,850.

For over 20 years, Nauti-Tech Systems has engineered and manufactured isolation transformer kits, vessel monitoring systems and related products for recreational and commercial vessels. It's also the all-Americas distributor for E-Plex multiplexing products through its NautiMart brand.

Contact Nauti-Tech Systems, 3219 S. Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316. 954-527-0716.

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