Blue Guard Innovations Launches Smart Skipper

May 2021 News

Blue Guard Innovations announces the introduction of its boat monitoring and control system, Smart Skipper™, to enable owners, operators and captains to monitor security and safety of their unattended vessels.

Smart Skipper™ consists of revolutionary Smart Mate devices and the Smart Skipper™ app.

Smart Mates use Bluetooth mesh technology that dramatically improves connectivity and ease of installation even in the most demanding marine environments. Smart Mate security features include geofence and unauthorized entry. Safety features include; fire detection, high water alarm, bilge pump activation, run time and more. Remotely control; lights, fans, pumps etc. Once an alarm is triggered all designated users receive real-time alerts via email, push notifications and text. To see the capabilities of each Smart Mate device, visit

The Smart Skipper™ system utilizes the most prolific technology in the world, smart tablets and smart phones to connect to the Smart Mate device’s Bluetooth 5.0 mesh network. The smart tablet then transmits the gathered information to the cloud using a cellular/mobile or Wi-Fi connection.

Using a dedicated smart tablet or phone for the on board display and monitoring with their ability to connect to the cloud ensures the user of the system’s longevity. With split screen capability, the smart tablet can be used as a multifunctional device to display weather information, video streams and navigation charts.

To learn more about the Smart Skipper™ system, click here, visit or contact Blue Guard Innovations at

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