Iosso Water Repellent Protects Fabric

October 2021 News

Constant exposure to sunshine, rain, tree sap, bird droppings and dirt can make even the most cared-for outdoor fabrics look dingy. Iosso Water Repellent is the easy way to protect synthetic and natural textiles and maintain their water resistance and original vibrant colors.

Ideal for use on boat, RV, outdoor and patio fabrics, Iosso Water Repellent is a unique water-based formula. It doesn't contain solvents or silicone, so it won't darken colors or leave a tacky finish. The spray provides a long-lasting layer of invisible protection without altering the material's breathability, flexibility or feel. Water Repellent is ideal for solution-dyed acrylics like Sunbrella, natural and hybrid canvas, vinyl, leather and wood.

Water Repellent is simple to apply. Sprayed directly onto clean, dry material until fully saturated, it's left to dry for 24 hours before being exposed to water. Perfect for new fabric, using it seasonally on older will help keep mold and mildew from forming.

A 32 oz. spray bottle of Iosso Water Repellent covers approximately 40 sq. ft. and retails for $21.49; a one-gallon container treats up to 150 sq. ft. and costs $49. For professional use, it's offered in a one-gallon highly-concentrated form that's mixed with water before applying.

Contact Iosso Products, 1485 Lively Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. Toll-free 888-747-4332.

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