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Thread: Towing runabout behind the houseboat

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    Quote Originally Posted by easttnboater View Post
    Endurance - what if they divers cannot find it?
    Sadly, the NPS doesn't care what you have to go through to find your sunk boat. They take the position that if you haven't found it, you need to keep sending divers down (at their hourly rate) until you do find it. Finding the boat is often a big part of the cost. My friend got lucky. He was towing with a floating rope so the rope was coming straight up from his sunk boat. On the diver's last tank of air, the diver's arm brushed the floating rope which led him down to the boat.

    It seems like we've talked here about the advantages of towing with a rope that floats. I don't think I ever thought about this particular advantage of floating rope.

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    I used 1" thinwall, it's relatively flexible, springy, and lightweight, but then I was just towing a dinghy. Strength wasn't that much of an issue as the nylon line inside the PVC does the towing. I think Sch 40 should work for a larger boat. You don't want it TOO rigid as that will just put added strain on the boats' fittings, and metal pipe or tubing would eventually bend or buckle.

    Eventually I gave up the PVC as it was too much of a hassle to get the boat alongside. Now I simply use sections of pool noodle to keep the painter out of my prop. That may not be an option with a bigger boat.

    I generally tow my dinghy or runabout up fairly close, both to allow it to benefit from the shelter of the houseboat and to keep it under control around the dock.
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    She's a tired old barge but she's paid for!

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    So I am pulling my boat out this fall and doing a lot of work to it. I am going to include adding some way of towing a boat or jet-ski and the boat hitch looks exactly like what I need. I was going to weld something like this directly to the rear deck but having it removable looks better! Question"; it does pivot at the boat end ...right? I missed reading that but seems to me it has to. I think that is what I am seeing as I only see one pin at the bolt on end.

    edit: I dug deeper and this hitch is fixed in height.
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