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Thread: What did you do to your houseboat today.

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    Frantically Relaxing
    Figured out my fuel problem--

    I pulled off the air cleaner... sorry, the flame arrestor... -- Then I got into a staring match with the carb. It was easier than tearing it apart, and really, I didn't WANT to tear it apart. The carb won the staring match, but when I blinked, I spied it-- there it was, a plug, right next to the fuel line. It came out easy, almost too easy. And under the plug, a tiny little handle, which turned out to be attached to a small sediment filter. As I slowly pulled out the sediment filter, I also pulled out the sediment the sediment filter filtered. Not a whole lot, but way more than none. I got my trusty gas catch can, and held it under the opening while running the pump. A little more crud, followed by fresh, clean gas. I re-installed the sediment filter and the plug, fired 'er up, and smilled bigly the whole 45 minutes the genny ran, smooth as glass, without faltering.

    Then I put the engine hatch down, then proceeded to trip over the basket of screens I hadn't moved yet, and about yanked my left arm out of the socket while trying not to bash my head on the steel railings and/or engine room doors.

    For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction... fix the generator, screw up my arm... sigh...

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    Senior Member Stmbtwle's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    Ruskin, Florida
    Finally (after a week of fighting) got the corroded exhaust elbow off my engine. Now to see if it can be repaired or if I have to buy another one.

    And some people want THREE engines! I can't keep ONE running!
    She's a tired old barge but she's paid for!

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    Aug 2011
    Nashville, TN
    You know, this 1 thread is stealing a lot of potential great posts that would otherwise be in the "Houseboating" forum. Can we just lock this thread shut and have everyone post these stories / problems like they should be back in the forum with new threads?

    There's no way to search through this long thread to identify common issues and it's difficult to follow through on 1 person's questions as they're working through a problem.
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Closed Thread

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