10 Reasons To Houseboat In The Fall

November 2019 Live Austa Cook Web Exclusive

Something makes houseboating more special in the fall. Scratch that, several somethings do. Ten, to be precise. But we know starting this list is like uncapping a bottle of sparkling cider and more ideas will rise like the bubbles behind the glass. Here are ten reasons to get you started realizing why you should venture out during the season of change. 

10. The lake is especially peaceful and quiet.

9. It gives you an excuse to drink cocoa or apple cider during all hours.

8. All pumpkin-themed desserts suddenly taste twenty times better.

7. The fresh, crisp air is so enlivening.

6. If you’re anywhere near trees, the fall colors are to die for.

5. Campfires feel that much more inviting.

3. Everyone's in the spirit of thanksgiving, gift-giving, and general loveyness.

4. Cozy snuggling all around.

2. You can make your houseboat even homier with holiday decorations. 

1. The day starts later so you can sleep in AND watch the sun rise. All in one.

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